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Published May 21, 2016

Some of the TOTC crew got together and played games live on our twitch channel. We threw those broadcasts up on YouTube for your viewing disgust pleasure. Check them out below.

We started the evening with Super Combat Junior II, a local multiplayer indie game still in development. The devs approached us and asked if we would give it a playthrough and share our opinion.  We had a blast! It’s intense and fun local butt-on-couch multiplayer very reminiscent of the chaos of Zelda: Four swords. Please visit their site at Toss them a few bucks, grab some controllers, your friends, and kick some ass. (Don’t forget the beer!)

Later in the evening we screwed around with some N64 games. Mario Kart 64, Waverace 64, and a few others. We ended with Donkey Kong 64 at a viewer request. (We’ll continue that one at some point soon.)




Follow us and catch more streams in the near future, we’ll usually give you a heads up on social networking.