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Bonus Ep. – Gerimi Burleigh (PhxCC ’17 Day 3)

The crew sits down after day 3 of Phoenix Comicon 2017 and talks with artist  Gerimi Burleigh.  You can find his work at

His YouTube page:

His instagram:, or follow him on Twitter @gerimi.

Purchase his goods:

Bonus Ep. – PHXCC Day 1 and

We interview charity costumers representing and They work with children’s hospitals to bring smiles and comic books to sick children. They do amazing work so please check their sites and Instagram accounts.,,, and

Guest: Chris Giarrusso (Patreon Exclusive)

On our Patreon page we posted an exclusive interview just for our patrons. Sign up now for only a dollar a month for full access to this and other exclusive content.  Thank you for the support!

The crew sits down with artist and author Chris Giarrusso, recorded on location at the Verde Valley Comic Expo 2. His credits include Mini Marvels and the Comic Series-turned-book: G-Man.

You can find his work at

Ep. 44 – On location Verde Valley Comic Expo 2

The crew records “live” on location at the Verde Valley Comic Expo 2. We interview artists The Janimal, Ryan McMurry, Victor Irizarry, and we crack dick jokes with JPool aka @GNerdCorner.
(Published to Patreon on 04-02-17, Available publicly 04-10-17)
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Ep. 37 – Guest: Greg Holmes with Phoenix Comicon

The crew is joined by Greg Holmes, Talent and event coordinator with Phoenix Comicon. He is in charge of Anime, Animation, SciFi, Horror, and other programming, fan panels and events. He gives us the inside scoop on Phoenix Comicon happenings in addition to just hanging out to discuss his fandoms.

Your hosts for this episode: Chris, Fred, and Mariano

Video Version:

Ep. 27 – Guests Dave Beaty and The Janimal

Tales of the Con sits down with Comic book artists and Convention veterans Dave Beaty and Jan “The Janimal” Quisumbing.  Dave is an independently published artist with previous credits on DC Comics series such as Batman Inc, Brightest Day, and Grifter to name a few.   Jan is an independent comic creator/artist and founding member of the Northern Arizona Cartoonist Association – NAZCA.

You can find them at  and

Also be sure to check out their YouTube series In the studio

Your Hosts for this Episode: Fred, Chris, and Mariano.



Ep. 23 – Guest: Russ Emanuel

The TOTC crew talks with independent film director Russ Emanuel. We met Russ at Phoenix FanFest where he and his team debuted the tie-in comic book to their award winning Scifi thriller film Occupants.  Russ was a blast to talk to, we found out he goes just as deep as we do into movies, TV shows, and fan theories. We discussed the importance of movie soundtracks, our favorite films, conventions, Occupants, and his upcoming production titled The Assassin’s Apprentice.

You can find Russ at, on Instagram, and follow his upcoming film The Assassin’s Apprentice.

You can also find him at the Kansas International Film Festival going on right now!

Your hosts for this episode: Fred, Chris, Jake, and Mariano