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Published January 26, 2016


Seeing as everyone knows and loves this treasure from our childhoods, we decided to just jot down our quick first impressions of issue #0 of the 2016 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic.

Dr. Bombeii:

      Like anyone my age, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a big deal as a child. Seemingly ordinary kids (teens) that join together with each other and their giant robots to fight monsters from space. When evil is vanquished it’s all wrapped up nice and clean with a visit to the juice bar and a good laugh.  What’s not to love? I watched the show religiously every afternoon as a kid. I had all the toys, and I was even excited for the Motion Picture to come out. Now as an adult it’s a fond childhood memory that has become a bonding point with my young son. We watch the original show together along with the spinoffs that I missed along the way.

      Naturally I was excited when I caught wind of this new comic series based on the original Mighty Morphin characters. This comic seems to follow in Hollywood’s footsteps with a reboot that isn’t a reboot. It keeps to the same basic plot as the original series albeit in modern times. They all have smartphones, text each other, and share class notes on a server run by Billy the Blue Ranger. Fans will recognize the plot points immediately as our story takes place just after Tommy, The Green Ranger, joins the rest of the Rangers.

        The art is fantastic, capturing the action and iconic battle stances of the rangers well. The writing is also strong in this issue as it explores Tommy’s struggle with Rita’s control over him that may not be as broken as the Rangers hope. I enjoyed seeing Zordon putting the Red and Green rangers in their place as they started to argue and point fingers. All together the story seems to be updated just enough, while expressing a slightly more serious tone that I think will benefit this comic series as it goes on. I can’t wait to read the next issue!


      Sitting around this old, dusty bigass black box that was my parents TV when I was a little kid. Power Rangers was something my older brothers had actually shown to me, not something I waited with a drooling mouth for when it used to air. I can’t even remember if it was UPN-45 or Fox Kids or whatever the hell the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired on back in the day – what I do know is that, for me, Tokukatsu affected me deeply from a young age. As a teenager I would end up watching favoring Kamen Rider more than I did these young teens in spandex. Yet, at the heart of it all, I’ve still managed to sneak in not only the US based Power Rangers into my watching habits every few years, but even some of the original Japanese versions like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (localized in the US as Power Rangers Pirate Armada) and Akibaranger (never localized!)

      So when I heard that BOOM! Studios would be doing a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, I was ecstatic. BOOM! has been making waves in the comic book industry over the last few years with their shotgun-blast of all-ages reading material so them getting Power Rangers is basically a natural fit.

      Yes the book has one of my favorite writers on it and art that seems like a natural fit (especially in the Bulk & Skull backup story) but that’s not what I enjoyed most about Power Rangers.

      What I enjoyed most is the feeling that, if this had been around when I was a little kid, I would have read it at school every day. Even though it contains references to push-notifications and smart phones, Power Rangers feels like it’s timeless. I don’t know if BOOM! Studios can sell a comic purely with the power of nostalgia, I don’t really think there’s a group of creators alive that can do that, but I’ll be buying issue #1 just to see what kind of road they want to take these five teenagers with attitude on.


      I really loved this comic book! In 1993, when the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired, I was almost seven and was already a huge fan of shows like Voltron Force and Transformers. I can remember how excited it was watching all the coming soon trailers for it because for me it was something new and exciting, there wasn’t really a lot on TV back then. Now it’s been about 22 years since I’ve seen Power Rangers, but I have to say I got just as excited as when I was six transported back to that feeling of fantastical adventure. It was like going back and recapturing a huge piece of my childhood.

      The art and writing worked very well, hand in hand, it made me feel like I was watching it all over again for the first time. The hardest part of the series was this panel where the red ranger steps out of his car and says “Hey Trini, good weekend?”  I was instantly caught way off guard by what the internet refers to as “the feels”, on page four it’s the first time you really see the yellow ranger in the comic. I was taken back to 2001 when we lost the live action actress Thuy Trang in a tragic accident.

      What I am really interested in seeing in this new “reboot” is more character development, for both the blue and the yellow ranger. I also look forward to continuing to see how the dichotomy between the newly turned green ranger plays out in this series and all the new possibilities.

The M0therfucker:

Brace yourself! This week Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers kicked down the door in the EPIC debut of the comic’s  Issue #00!! Together, Author Kyle Higgins and Illustrator Hendry Prasetya bring back this beloved gem of the nineties, all while paying the utmost respect to the life-long fans by keeping the original, action-packed artistry and story plot. Tommy, also known as the Green Ranger, (keeper of the Dragonzord) makes his introduction with nothing short of a twist of fate,under the mind altering control of REPULSA when his fellow rangers need him most! Speaking as one of the original T.V. series’ greatest fans, I’m ecstatic that two amazing artists are pouring their souls into this ICON of live action, american bad-assery!