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PhxCC 2016 – A tale of the con

Yo, this article contains spoilers for The Lion King.
At some point on Saturday, I don’t remember when, the Phoenix Convention center turned into a massive blur around me. Do you remember that scene from The Lion King where Scar is dangling Mufasa over the cliff, and he’s all spouting off his rhetoric about the proper place of leadership and succession? I felt like one of the rocks in the bottom of that valley, perfectly still while the crowd pushed around me in every direction, threatening to stampede over anyone who dared get in their way.

  I like to think that this moment was caused purely by the amount of exhaustion I’d managed to accrue in a short three days time before Saturday. At some point, my mind and my body just disconnected from each other for a long enough time for me to vibrate straight out of reality.
I am not The Flash though, and instead of falling through the floor and ending up on the other side of the Earth, I quickly snapped back to reality and tightened my fingers around my camera, and stepped in with the crowd. I’ve been covering Phoenix Comicon now for various outlets four years running, and pretty much each year I find myself surprised by something. Whether it’s who I end up striking up a random conversation with and staying on touch with years later, or just simply what happens to me.

   This year we ended up throwing back drinks with some of the staff from (uhhh NSFW) in a squalid, tightly packed hotel room late after the convention that same Saturday night that I seemed to slip out of reality – but that’s just an experience unique to some of us.Tales of the Con took nine journalists down to Phoenix this past weekend and each of us really ended up all covering something different. I was down in the exhibition hall, taking pictures with cosplayer and striking up conversation with creators. Of course I do what I do to see the recurring faces – I’ve hit it off with some simply amaz