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Ep. 88 – SJWs vs Star Wars, and the hidden meaning of Beethoven’s music

We get real silly for episode 88… Topics include: Monster Hunter World, SJW’s and snowflakes are in a tizzy about the new live action Star Wars series from Jon Favreau, and the true meaning of classical music. Professor Mariano begs the question; “Was BEEthoven into scat?”



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Ep. 87 – Scooting is the new crossfit

We are back from our hiatus with a brand new episode for Monday, March 5th 2018. We discuss Monster Hunter World, give a report of Kikori Con, and talk about the newest fitness craze sweeping America. Forget crossfit, theres something even better! Bro, do you even scoot?



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Podcast Hiatus for February ’18: Best-of episodes

We’re taking a hiatus from the podcast for the month of February to regroup and work on behind-the-scenes projects. Here are some of our favorite episodes:

The best of the Tales of the Con Podcast:

Our favorite Gerimi Burleigh episode

Our sit-down with Dave Beaty and Jan “The Janimal” Quisumbing

Creepy Futurecast – We discuss some weird tech and theories on the horizon.

Tiny screen theory – Is porn more extreme because we view it on a cellphone? What sort of social effect does that have on today’s youth?





Announcement: We will have a booth at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018!

David’s Nerd Nest – Pilot Episode

David’s Nerd Nest is a new monthly segment here at Tales of the Con. In this first episode I’ll talk about my perspective on and then tell you a little bit about what makes me a nerd.

Ep. 86 – Anime Tiddies on NPR

Alex the Human join Fred and Chris for one of the silliest episodes we’ve had in a while.

The podcast will be on hiatus for the month of Feburary while we work on some other content. The podcast will be back to the regular weekly schedule in March. In the meantime keep an eye on our YouTube channel and our site for fresh new content.


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