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Tales of the Con Posts

Ep. 32 – Nintendo Switch disapointment and New PC Gaming tech

The crew talks about Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot yet again. We also discuss some exciting new tech in the PC Gaming world. We then call David in Legal to find out if his home of Washington DC will soon look like the citadel of Mad Max.

Your hosts for this episode are:

Fred, Chris, and Mariano

Video version of this episode:

Ep. 29 – Rogue One SpoilerCast

  We discuss our new favorite Star Wars Movie; Rogue One. We don’t hold back any spoilers, so be wary… What did we like about it? What did we feel needed improvement? How does the movie fit with the overall canon of the other movies?  * Warning Spoilers! *

Your hosts for this episode:

Alex the Human, Fred, and Chris.

Ep. 28 – Modern Cartoons VS Old

The crew compares cartoons from our childhoods (80s/90s) to modern animated shows. We talk about Adventure Time, Batman the Animated series, Gravity Falls, GI Joe, and even Spongebob. We discuss the Star Wars animated shows Clone Wars & Rebels and how they relate to the overall canon of the newest movies. Telephone shenanigans ensue as we reach out to our east coast representatives David (Washington DC) and Samantha (Florida) and give them a chance to ramble… Sorta.

Your hosts for this episode:

Alex, Fred, Chris, Mariano, and Jake.

Ep. 27 – Guests Dave Beaty and The Janimal

Tales of the Con sits down with Comic book artists and Convention veterans Dave Beaty and Jan “The Janimal” Quisumbing.  Dave is an independently published artist with previous credits on DC Comics series such as Batman Inc, Brightest Day, and Grifter to name a few.   Jan is an independent comic creator/artist and founding member of the Northern Arizona Cartoonist Association – NAZCA.

You can find them at  and

Also be sure to check out their YouTube series In the studio

Your Hosts for this Episode: Fred, Chris, and Mariano.



Ep. 26 – Is PC gaming slowly killing itself?

The crew sits down to discuss getting no sleep, and more work stories. We then debate why PC gaming seems to be shooting itself in the foot. Is PC gaming finally on the way out? Is the price of PC hardware a bubble that is soon to pop? As long time fans of PC gaming we hate to see it dwindle but recognize the success and ease of console gaming….

Your hosts for this episode:

Chris, Jake, Mariano, and Fred.