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Ep. 13 – No Man’s Sky and Simulation Theory

We discuss the over-hyped, controversial game No Man’s Sky after having played it for a while. We get into what we like about it and it’s shortcomings. We also talk about Simulation Theory, which basically states that the universe itself is simply a much more advanced and complicated version of No Man’s Sky.

Your hosts for this episode are: Fred, Jake, David, and Chris.  Contains mature language.



Press Release 08/22/2016 – Re: Sam Kittrel

Sam Kitrell is no longer involved with Tales of the Con in any way, effective immediately as of 08/22/2016.  He briefly worked as a writer, and did NOT hold any managerial or decision making position.  Any claims to the contrary are false.  Please see the press release as follows:

Press Release .PDF file 08/22/2016

totc_pressrelease_08-22-201 totc_pressrelease_08-22-16