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The Tales of the Con Podcast is an unfiltered look at Comic convention culture and all things nerd & geek, while cracking jokes and telling real-life stories. No topic is off-limits as we discuss video games, movies, anime, comic books, and more. Mature language and salty attitudes guaranteed. New episode posted EVERY Monday.

Ep. 100 – Cards against Humanity with Gerimi Burleigh and Alex Rudolph

 Recorded at the Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 event. The crew sits down with Alex Rudolph of and Gerimi Burleigh ( to play a modified version of Cards Against Humanity. Things get weird and hilarious. Recorded from the balcony of the Sheraton Grand hotel.  Episode 100 with our friends Gerimi Burleigh and Alex Rudolph, two amazing and hilarious artists who have been supportive of us! Thanks for the support from everyone who listens, watches and says hello to us at events!



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Ep. 98 – Guest Alex Rudolph

Chris and Fred sit down with artist Alex Rudolph of 6 Shooter Comics. Alex is the sole creator of a webcomic titled Mad Scientist Island. She also creates a wide variety of art, enamel pins, and other goodies. Visit her site Today’s topics include; Supernatural, Anime, adult life, and our official post-mortem report on Phoenix Comic Fest 2018.


Ep. 96 – Living in the upside down, Red Dead 2, and boycotting Solo

Fred and Chris discuss the messed up timeline we’re living in where celebrities excitedly inject baby foreskin juice into their faces. We talk about Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 plans, closed game studios, why we don’t want to see Solo: a Star Wars story, and we geek out about the upcoming sequel to Red Dead Redemption.


Ep. 95 – Infinity War Spoilercast and Canadian breeding practices

We give our spoiler-filled thoughts on Avengers Infinity War. Fred laments about how Justice League failed where Infinity War succeeded. Amongst other topics, we also discuss the apologetic practices of maple induced canadian breeding and whether or not Michigan is just the “deep-south” of canada.



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Ep. 94 – Infinity War thoughts (No spoilers), and God of War

We give our quick thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War. (No spoilers, We will do an in-depth review in a coming episode.) We discuss martial arts, PS4’s God of War, and other games we’ve gotten into lately.



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Ep. 93 – Why are good story driven FPS games so rare?

Far Cry 5 brings up the question: Why is it so hard to make a compelling story driven first person shooter? Fred and Ian try to convince Chris that all-human-centaurs, or “humanataurs” are the best mythological creature.  And other nonsense. if you’d like to support the show.  Apple folks: Rate us on iTunes!