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The Tales of the Con Podcast is an unfiltered look at Comic convention culture and all things nerd & geek, while cracking jokes and telling real-life stories. No topic is off-limits as we discuss video games, movies, anime, comic books, and more. Mature language and salty attitudes guaranteed. New episode posted EVERY Monday.

Ep. 10 – Building a MadMax truck & The best Multiplayer games

We talk about Jake’s plan for a real-life Mad Max truck. We then discuss our favorite multiplayer video games. We talk about unforgettable multiplayer memories from games like Red Dead redemption, and DayZ. Then we geek out about Overwatch, No Man’s Sky, and underrated games gone by.

Your hosts for this episode are: Jake, Chris, Fred, and, Mariano.  Contains mature language.



Ep. 09 – Guest: Gerimi Burleigh

Today’s episode features independent artist Gerimi Burleigh. Gerimi is a self published comic book artist and author from California. He has been a long time supporter of our website since it was just an idea. We had a great time with him discussing a wide variety of topics such as TV Shows, Movies, Anime, and of course Comic books. Visit Gerimi’s website at

Your hosts for this episode are: Jake, Chris, Fred, Sam, and, Mariano.  Contains mature language and subject matter.

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Ep. 08 – AAA Games that are not

What makes a game “AAA”? In today’s episode we discuss so-called AAA games and why we have seen them fail to live up to basic quality standards again and again. We also discuss the importance of archiving games in a playable form for the future.

Your hosts for this episode are: Jake, Chris, Mariano, and Sam.  Contains mature language and subject matter.

Tales of the Con Podcast

Ep 07 – Pokemon GO, and forest porn

In this episode we discuss Pokemon GO, the app that’s changing the world.  We also discuss kids getting out and making… discoveries.

Your hosts for this episode are: Fred, Mariano, Alex the human, and Chris.  Contains mature language and subject matter. Recorded  07.13.16


Tales of the Con Podcast

Ep 06 – Guest: The Classy Alcoholic

The TOTC crew sits down with a guest who goes by the moniker The Classy Alcoholic.  He’s on a mission to visit every single microbrewery and vineyard in Arizona. He details his travels on his blog, his Instagram theclassyalcoholic, and on Facebook.

We hung out and talked about Craft Beers, horrible vodka experiments, movies, and martial arts.