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The Tales of the Con Podcast is an unfiltered look at Comic convention culture and all things nerd & geek, while cracking jokes and telling real-life stories. No topic is off-limits as we discuss video games, movies, anime, comic books, and more. Mature language and salty attitudes guaranteed. New episode posted EVERY Monday.

The Odd Pod – Ep. 1 : The era of the remake

The Odd Pod is our newest podcast starring Alex Rudolph from 6 Shooter Comics. A monthly deep dive into nerd life and nostalgia. Join hosts Chris, Red, and Alex the-Not-So-Human with their rotating crew of misfits and guest stars while they walk on the weird side. Mature language and salty ‘tudes may be present as we rock the pod and keep it odd.

In this pilot episode we go down a nostalgia path and discuss our favorite 80s and 90s shows and their “new” versions. Thundercats, Powerpuff Girls, She-Ra, Sabrina, Archie, etc. Star Wars the old republic cinematics are better than the sequel trilogy. We also get into our guilty pleasure shows… “These characters are dumb…” “but it satisfies something in your heart.”

TOTC Podcast Ep. 147 – Space ghost incestuous love, cloning yourself, and demigod animal abuse.

In one of our silliest episodes in a while, Fred and Chris discuss space ghost loving, cloning yourself for love (and combat), and sacrificing villagers for power in our favorite games. These topics and more!

Today’s episode is brought to you by The Verde Valley Comic Expo – Saturday March 21st 2020 from 10am to 5pm at the Rec Center in Cottonwood Arizona.

Recorded and published to Patreon on 03-06-2020

Released to the public 03-09-2020

TOTC Podcast Ep. 145 – Games we’ve been playing, Stoicism, and Reverse Crank calls

Topics for this episode include: Games we’ve been playing. Our Modern Warfare strategies. DBZ Kakarot. Remasters and Remakes; Games we wish they’d bring back. (like Bushido Blade) Cancel culture vs Joe Rogan. Stoicism.Text based communication is ruining the world? Messing with spam callers. (Recorded 01-24-2020)