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Published June 13, 2016

Yo, this article contains spoilers for The Lion King.
At some point on Saturday, I don’t remember when, the Phoenix Convention center turned into a massive blur around me. Do you remember that scene from The Lion King where Scar is dangling Mufasa over the cliff, and he’s all spouting off his rhetoric about the proper place of leadership and succession? I felt like one of the rocks in the bottom of that valley, perfectly still while the crowd pushed around me in every direction, threatening to stampede over anyone who dared get in their way.

  I like to think that this moment was caused purely by the amount of exhaustion I’d managed to accrue in a short three days time before Saturday. At some point, my mind and my body just disconnected from each other for a long enough time for me to vibrate straight out of reality.
I am not The Flash though, and instead of falling through the floor and ending up on the other side of the Earth, I quickly snapped back to reality and tightened my fingers around my camera, and stepped in with the crowd. I’ve been covering Phoenix Comicon now for various outlets four years running, and pretty much each year I find myself surprised by something. Whether it’s who I end up striking up a random conversation with and staying on touch with years later, or just simply what happens to me.

   This year we ended up throwing back drinks with some of the staff from (uhhh NSFW) in a squalid, tightly packed hotel room late after the convention that same Saturday night that I seemed to slip out of reality – but that’s just an experience unique to some of us.Tales of the Con took nine journalists down to Phoenix this past weekend and each of us really ended up all covering something different. I was down in the exhibition hall, taking pictures with cosplayer and striking up conversation with creators. Of course I do what I do to see the recurring faces – I’ve hit it off with some simply amazing people through the years purely on a whim.

   What you came here for is some Tales of The Con though, and though maybe none of these are from Phoenix Comicon, this is for those people who’ve never really gone to see what a wild world conventions exist in, but these tales come from somewhere special. These aren’t just Tales of the Con, they’re stories from creators who drag themselves from convention to convention.Yeah– there’s only a handful, but part of our mission at Tales of the Con is also getting to know the people at the various places we travel to. How can we relate the stories we think are interesting if we don’t get to know the people behind them?

Nicky Soh (who has a very awesome comic!) tumblr_nztoabNyyC1uhglmqo1_1280

   NS: So the first time I had a table was with the school – with a bunch of us. Obviously I go to SCAD so it’s a college of Art and Design. The School actually had a table at Heroes Con which is in Charleton. The cool thing as a student if you help out you get two hours of table time. So you’re at the artist alley and you get to sell your stuff.
So this was the first time for us, but one guy came over who was not supposed to be on the table, which was a student – he sat on the table. He just drew there for three hours and he did commissions and blew us all away. What he did was put a jar there (on the table) and put a sign saying like, ‘pay me however much you want and the thing i’m going to draw is like Nicholas Cage in whatever action poses’ people came there in that three hours and were dropping like sixty dollars, fifty dollars.
He made probably I think around three-hundred bucks just in that three hours. It was the most insane story I ever had and it was my first con. I was like ‘no way!’ no way someone’s gonna draw       Nicholas Cage. I mean it didn’t even look like Nicholas Cage. It was so hilarious, he sat there the whole time. The pros were doing like seventy dollars, eighty dollars for a few drawings but this guy was just doing ‘pay me whatever you want’

  Jorge Corona and Morgan Beem
We_Are_Robin_Vol_1_1   MB: So I guess our someone what crazy Comicon story was back when we were just starting out in the Savannah School of Art and Design. We decided we were all gonna go up to New York Comicon to try and like network and get our stuff out, but we’re  grad students so we’re broke as hell. We’re all trying to figure out how to do this trip on like the tightest budget ever. Jen Hickman who’s also here was with us too – there was a number of us.
So we decide we’re gonna take the bus, this like ghetto Chinatown bus. It picks you up in a McDonalds parking lot, no bus terminal. It was 60$ round trip to get up to new york and it’s a fifteen and a half hour bus ride.
JC: Halfway through the ride, what was it like a McDonalds or a Denny’s or something?
MB: Yeah somewhere in South Carolina
JC: They made everyone like, step out of the bus. We were all in the middle of the street
MB: It’s like the middle of the night!
JC: We’re all thinking like maybe we’re going to meet but they were very specific about everyone getting off the bus. So we come out of the restroom and then the bus is gone
MB: Yeah people were like wanting to eat or use the bathroom – I’m telling the bus guy that I’m going to sleep so I want to stay and he’s like “no you have to get off.” and I’m literally standing there with my blanket just watching the bus drive away thinking “They’re never coming back.” but they did! They went off, did something – I dunno like Money Laundering. They came back around and picked us up and we were off to New York, but like, they did the same thing on the way back. So a long bus ride, and then we booked a hotel in Manhattan, is that where it was?
JC: Yeah, yeah.
MB: We were like, ‘we’re gonna book it for two people’ and you’re thinking y’know like where we’re from it’s gonna be two beds and kind of small but not too bad. We were gonna put seven people in it to keep the cost down…and we show up to this room…and it’s like a full bed, and the room is just…built around the bed.
JC: I didn’t even know how they got it in there.
MB: We literally stand there It’s Jen (Hickman) and I we’re like “This…isn’t going to work.” but the broke college student determination kicks in and we’re like “WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT WORK!” MBblogart
So we had seven people – two of which one is David Stoll down the way there who’s a sizeable dude. There was this other dude with us who was a huge dude – we slept liked L’d into the bathroom. So you had three people on the bed, two more wedged between the wall and the bed. David slept on the floor at the foot of the bed and the other guy slept like into the bathroom which was the only way he would fit. (laughter) So it was great! That was New York Comicon on a budget you know, we got up at 6 and did portfolio reviews, got lunch for people, schlept, went out and partied. Stayed out until like one or two and then tried to sleep and do it all again. Then sunday night caught the bus back down to Savannah.
JC: With the same stop on the way back! We thought like, maybe they were reloading something…but it was closer to Savannah than it was New York. Soo…on the way back it was the same spot. So it wasn’t like they were getting gas or anything – it was not like a middle point or anything. Something was happening there. Yeah…something was happening there.
So it was that – and then one of the nights we went out to drink and kind of went barhopping from the different placed in New York. That was my first time in New York and I was a very big like, Seinfeld fan. We ended up having food at the diner from Seinfeld and then I just spent like most of the night waking up my friends in Venezuela sending them the picture of the diner.
MB: and most of us were a little too drunk to realize where we were.
JC: And only one of my friends in Venezuela woke up to be like “good for you, now leave me alone” so it was a very good trip.

Kelly Sue MilanoLisa Weber | (

HEX11-001-COVER_0f9c8acc-05b6-4006-b486-9e06da5c307d_grandeKSM: So, this would have been at Wondercon 2015, which takes place in Anaheim. We were exhibiting there and we only had what..the first three issues of Hex 11 out. We’d been in business as a comic book creation machine for less than a year
LW: Six months!
KSM: Yeah six months! We’re sitting there one day and there’s droves of people coming by the booth. All of the sudden we see this girl come by the booth and we’re like ‘man, she looks so familiar!’ and then…it hits me first. This is a fan cosplaying as our lead character from our book, Eleanor. I couldn’t even find like..words. I was like “Guys it’s….look at it…her…right there!” and Lisa’s like, “What am I looking at?” and I’m like “It’s her! She’s cosplaying as Eleanor!” and we freaked out. We were so excited!
LW: My eyes went completely wide and then were all crying.
KSM: We all cried. We all sat and cried and mobbed her. She’s so quiet and lovely. She wasn’t probably expecting us to really lose it like that. We were so excited we took a picture with her.
LW: We talked about it too, we were like “how cool will it be when we see our first cosplayer?” thinking it would be years down the road, and it’s six months after we debuted.
KSM: Gotta love those fans. We love em!
LW: It’s honestly the best part of the con. We meet the coolest, most awesome people.

IMG_20160603_202912059 (NSFW)
: So a little while ago went to Yomacon in Detroit. Fun convention! It’s very fun – it’s in a good area of Detroit too. Awhile back they also hosted the uh, Gathering of the Juggalo’s. Not too far away from there, and y’know we made friends with some Canadian people it’s just right across the water. They said “hey! Come back to the hotel and hang out with us!” I went back there I believe Saturday night, Friday night was the last night of the Juggalo Gathering. They were staying at the same place the event was going on, and…they were all there. The ground was completely covered in syringes and empty C02 cans for whip-its. And when I say covered I mean it: there were like thousands of them across the ground.

I don’t care for Juggalo’s very much. The ones that I’ve met are okay, they’re not bad…but y’know, with most other groups of people in large numbers, bad things happen.
Y’know I wish I was there Friday because I’d love to see the overlap between anime fans and Juggalos. I’d love to y’know, just see a couple of huge Juggalo’s doing whip-its with a Sailor Moon Cosplayer.
GG: oh my god, I think that’s like – the next great American Photo album.

-Glam Grimfire