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Published January 29, 2016


Written by The Offender

This was my first ever “real” Punk show so I was expecting to see mohawks and lots of military boots. Burned into my mind for all eternity, the images of SLC Punk’s band performances were replaying with each song on the radio. I was informed by my friend and partner in crime for this adventure, The Motherfucker, that T.S.O.L. has been in the music industry for 38 years. Having been in the music industry for that long means that T.S.O.L. has both a dedicated fan base and excellent music as well. En route to the show, we blasted the T.S.O.L. top-15 from Google Play Music on the way down and I recognized quite a few of their songs including “Abolish Government/Silent Majority” and “Nice Guys”. It was a strange feeling realizing that a band I didn’t know was actually something I had listened to in elementary school. Without realizing it I was re-discovering a band from my childhood that had played a major part of my development. The nostalgia hit me like freight train when “Flowers By The Door” came over the stereo and both T.M.F. (The Motherfucker) and I went silent.

Having arrived at the venue an hour early T.M.F. and I proceeded directly into the grocery store across the street. Browsing the liquor isle reminded me of the proximity to ASU (15min) as all of the .750ml bottles of good whiskey and vodka were gone. Left with the choice of garbage brand liquor or mid grade bullshit, I grabbed a bottle of brandy and headed for the check