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Published June 2, 2017

Kris Swett attended the recording our podcast with Gerimi Burleigh at Phoenix Comicon.  He used our Submit page to send along this write-up and photos he took. Thank you so much Kris!


Tales of the Con Podcast: The other side of the mic

Submitted by Kris Swett

Tales of the Con (TotC), This small pirate crew of nerds that has worked extremely hard over the past couple years to redefine the nerd experience; from providing the highest quality content on their social media and Web page to the connection they strive to maintain to their audience. So needless to say I was more than excited when I was given the opportunity to sit in on of their podcast. Entering the hotel room with Chris, Fred, and Ian accompanied be special guest Gerimi Burleigh. (creator of graphic novel Eye of the Gods) I was immediately impressed by the extent of their studio set up for the event. A small table with four mics and recording equipment displaying the kind of dedication you would expect from a group dedicated to doing anything they can to produce content anywhere they are.

Upon setup the energy in the room remains high and comfortable starting the show with a basic intro in a professional manner. The show quickly turns into a conversion among old friends. A natural feeling that becomes more about capturing a moment with old friends; sharing stories, and nerding out about some of there favorite stories. It was easy to see that Fred had a genuine admiration for his guest Gerimi Burleigh. Chris spent his time making on the fly adjustments and would enjoy the interaction while trying to naturally direct the show. Ian made his way into conversation sharing stories and commentary. With everyone combined an environment was created that made it extremely difficult not to interrupt or participate in similar to talking during a good movie.

After carrying conversation for a time it was decided to take a short break. Normally this would lead to a loss of momentum and energy during a show; in actuality the conversation carried on as normal sharing ideas and inspirations. Returning to the second half of the show the energy had only multiplied now becoming more personal. Sharing stories of there childhood taking a turn from traditional Q/A to sharing some of the youthful high jinks that lead them to be the people they are today. Powering on to light details about some of the future story telling projects between the TotC crew and Gerimi. By the end of the show it truly felt like walking away with friends I had come to know on a more personal level. This wasn’t just a show of faceless crew members but friends who perceive one another as close family members that have struggled to build something that every one of them could be proud of.

Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Day 3 w/ Gerimi Burleigh – Photos by Kris Swett