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Published April 14, 2016

We met with artist Daniel Bradford who’s an amazing self published comic artist from the Tucson area who was kind enough to exchange a story with our lovely and talented point-man, PB.  

PB: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Daniel Bradford: I’m the creator and artist behind titles such as “Robot 13” “King” and “Disappointing Monsters.” All self published, all my own work.

PB: What’s the latest thing you’ve worked on?

DB: That’d be “Disappointing Monsters.” It’s a web/print comic, but I’ve also been designing my own stickers, working on “Robot 13” it just depends on the day.


PB: I’ve noticed that you have a very unique art style, what are some of the artists that inspired you to work towards having such an interesting style?”

DB: Early on I absorbed everything I could get from Mike Mignola. Earlier than that, my work was inspired heavily from Stephen Gammell who was the artist for all the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” books, but as I grew as an artist, I gathered more inspirations as my art style continue to develop and eventually get a fingerprint of its own.


PB: So sort of why I’m here is to get this one question out that I have: What’s your most interesting con story from any kind of convention?

DB: A buddy of mine, we were walking the floor together and we both had to use the bathroom pretty badly. We both found what we THOUGHT was the bathroom line for the mens room, but it ended up being the line for Tera Patrick.

PB: How long were you in that line?

DB: Probably about 20 minutes.

PB: (laughter)

DB: It occurred to us that we actually passed the bathroom and then found we were in line for a Porn Star.

PB: What con was this?

DB: The San Diego one I believe, That’s probably the craziest con story I have. My cons can be pretty uneventful!

PB: Well thank you for your time! You have kick ass boots by the way  (We didn’t get a picture!)


You can find some of Daniel’s work over at