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Month: November 2017

Ep. 77 – The Battlefront 2 fiasco and gamers taking a stand.

In today’s episode of our Podcast we start off the show by getting down and dirty about the Battlefront 2 pay-to-win lootbox bullshit bonanza. David in Legal joins us in studio to discuss gaming news and other topics. We reminisce about all the games and studios that EA has ruined over the years.

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Once a week the Tales of the Con crew takes an unfiltered look at Comic-Con culture and all things nerd & geek, while cracking jokes and telling real-life stories. No topic is off-limits as we discuss video games, movies, anime, comic books, and more. Mature language and salty attitudes guaranteed.

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Ep. 75 – Was the internet a mistake?

We recap our time at the PIY2017 Podcast it yourself event. Fred and The Offender went to an art exhibit and shook things up.  The Offender asks us about the most disturbing things we’ve ever seen online. Was the internet a mistake overall?..

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(This episode was recorded and released to Patreon 11-6-2017, available to the public 11-13-2017)

Ep. 74 – The death of the moshpit

In today’s episode Fred is recovering from his birthday. We talk about the headaches of PC games and drivers. We also talk about getting older and what not to do at a concert in 2017. Old punks never die, they just stand in the back…

(Recorded 10-28-2017, Released to Patreon 10-30-2017, Available to the public 11-06-2017)

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