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Month: July 2017

Ep. 60 – SDCC, Castlevania, and Animes transition to mainstream

Fred and Chris discuss news out of San Diego Comic-Con. Fred reports on his continued bender of playing all the “Drake’s Uncharted” games. Do all remastered games suffering from antiquated control schemes? We also talk about the struggle of an Otaku in the pre-internet days and Anime’s transistion into the mainstream.

( Published on Patreon 07-23-2017, available to the public 07-31-2017)

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Ep. 59 – Video games, gross jokes and recipes?

What do you do when your internet sucks? Go hard on deep single-player games! Fred finally plays Uncharted 4 while still trying to Platinum the Batman Arkham games. We also talk about Kingdom Hearts 3, and Wreck Ralph 2; is Disney getting too meta? We also get into bad snacks and awesome recipes.

(Recorded 07-16-2017, Released to Patreon 07-16-2017. Available to the public 07-24-2017)

Batwoman rebirth – Flavor of the Week

This weeks flavor of the week is Batwoman Rebirth, an ongoing series reboot of Batwoman by Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion IV, Steve Epting & Ben Oliver

Ep. 58 – Everything wrong with AnimeExpo

Fred and Alex recount their terrible experience at the poorly organized AnimeExpo. Rude staff, poor organization and ridiculous lines to name a few of the problems. Was it the worst convention ever? What can the Expo do to create a better show for fans?

( Recorded 07-08-2017  –  Released to Patreon 07-09-2017  –  Available to the public 07-17-2017 )


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