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Month: May 2017

Ep. 51 – Unbeaten games and The itis

In this episode the crew fights “The ‘itis” after a big lunch. We discuss our new T-Shirts, and explore the question “If you aren’t compelled to complete a good game, was it really that good?”  Your hosts for this episode: Alex, Fred, and Chris.  (Recorded 05-20-2017.)

(Published on Patreon 05-21-2017, released to the public on 05-29-2017)

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Bonus Ep. – Gerimi Burleigh (PhxCC ’17 Day 3)

The crew sits down after day 3 of Phoenix Comicon 2017 and talks with artist  Gerimi Burleigh.  You can find his work at

His YouTube page:

His instagram:, or follow him on Twitter @gerimi.

Purchase his goods:

Bonus Ep. – PHXCC Day 1 and

We interview charity costumers representing and They work with children’s hospitals to bring smiles and comic books to sick children. They do amazing work so please check their sites and Instagram accounts.,,, and

Phoenix Comicon 2017

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Ep. 50 – Guardians of the Galaxy vs Mass Effect

Transdimensional aliens got you down? We go deep into Mass Effect: Andromeda and Guardians of the Galaxy 2… or do we? (Spoiler Warning)  Your hosts for this episode: Chris, Fred, Mariano, and Alex

(Published to Patreon 05-14-2017, Available publicly 05-22-2017)

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