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Interloper Radio, formerly Tales of the Con Posts

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“Tales of the Con” is now “Interloper Radio”

Back when we started Tales of the Con we had a plan of traveling to and covering every comiccon and convention we could. The logistics and costs behind constant convention coverage just weren’t feasible for us. We needed something to fill the content gap between the cons, and that led us to creating our podcast. The podcast quickly outgrew the rest of our site and content. The podcast also evolved to be about a lot more than just conventions. It’s a sometimes filthy, comedy-focused podcast that discusses all facets of nerd culture, pop culture, video games, and real-life stories. We’re proud of it.

Today we announce that Tales of the Con is now going to focus on podcasting with a new name: Interloper Radio. We don’t fit into any one category or subject and we like to talk about whatever we want. Our main podcast will be here with the new name, and our other shows in development such as the Odd Pod will continue. Fred, Chris, Alex the Human, Laura, and Alex Rudolph are still involved. If Covid-19 ever goes away and conventions come back we’ll probably still check them out too. No topic is off-limits.

tl:dr we changed our name cuz we ain’t just about cons.