Ep. 46 – Help me Meeseeks!

The crew sits down for the first time in the new studio space. We talk about the trailer for The last Jedi. Why bother with a trailer for the new Star Wars? Everyone is gonna see it anyways.. We also discuss making our custom tabletop RPG into a sellable game. Can Mr Meeseeks handle a hoarder?

(Released to Patreon on 04-16-17, Available publicly 04-24-17)

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Guest: Chris Giarrusso (Patreon Exclusive)

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The crew sits down with artist and author Chris Giarrusso, live from the Verde Valley Comic Expo 2. His credits include Mini Marvels and the Comic-turned-book: G-Man.

Ep. 43 – Outrage Culture, Custom RPG update, and Mass Effect: Andromeda

We reluctantly get political for a bit and discuss outrage culture. Fred breaks down some of the latest happenings in his custom Role-playing tables. We discuss games we’re playing right now and talk about the highly anticipated and broken Mass Effect: Andromeda.

(Published to Patreon on 03-26-17, Available publicly 04-03-17)

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