Ep. 42 – Internet Hate, Mermaids, and our top five games

Our team member from Washington DC, David in legal, joins us in the studio!  The guys discuss some recent internet hate and the Colin Moriarty situation. What’s more evil, a mermaid or a siren? We also delve into our top five favorite games of all time.

Your Hosts for this Episode: Fred, David, and Chris

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(Published to Patreon on 03-19-17, Available publicly 03-27-17)


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Ep. 41 – 4Chan vs Labeouf, Mythological Relations, and Favorite Snacks

The crew talks about the hilarious story of 4Chan trolling Shia Lebeouf, hipster unicycles, and gambling. We then take a weird turn and discuss the finer points of sexual relations with mythological creatures. Finally, in an attempt to steer the show out of the sewers we talk about our favorite snacks…

Your hosts for this episode:  Fred, Mariano (The Offender), and Chris

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(Published to Patreon on 03-13-17, Available publicly 03-20-17)


Ep. 40 – Is Porn Ruining Kids?, MOBAs, and Sword Games

The crew discusses whether Porn is giving Kids an unrealistic expectation of sex, and how much is too much? We then talk about our love/hate feelings regarding MOBA games. We also discuss Sword fighting games like the classic Bushido Blade and the newly released For Honor.

This weeks hosts: Fred, Chris, and Mariano (The Offender)

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Ep. 39 – Nintendo Switch Launch, degrees of Weeaboo, and Cursing Grandparents

The Nintendo Switch has launched seemingly without a hitch and The new Legend of Zelda is universally celebrated. Alex the Human discovers her inner Weeaboo, and we try to determine when an Anime fan takes it too far. We also talk about that moment when you realize your parents and grandparents are just people.

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Video Version: https://youtu.be/B7c9c2MGM3I