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Tales of the Con Posts

TOTC Podcast Ep. 145 – Games we’ve been playing, Stoicism, and Reverse Crank calls

Topics for this episode include: Games we’ve been playing. Our Modern Warfare strategies. DBZ Kakarot. Remasters and Remakes; Games we wish they’d bring back. (like Bushido Blade) Cancel culture vs Joe Rogan. Stoicism.Text based communication is ruining the world? Messing with spam callers. (Recorded 01-24-2020)

TOTC Podcast Ep. 144 – THE RETURN

It’s THE RETURN of the Tales of the Con podcast! The whole crew is in studio for the first episode of 2020. We catch up on what we’ve missed, we talk crap about Rise of Skywalker, we praise The Mandalorian, and gush over Netflix’s The Witcher. We also discuss Jedi Fallen Order, No Mans Sky, Moderner Warfare, dish out poop jokes and so much more! The hiatus is over, stay tuned!  

(Recorded 01-03-2020, Released to Patreon 01-06-2020, Available to the Public 01-13-2020)